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April 22, 2014 2:32 pm


Anonymous: Do you have any suggestions about what would be the best way to remove a regular MH dolls legs so that I could use it with the Siren CAM tail.

From what I’ve seen, people have been attaching the siren tail by air dry clay, and painting over it.

Here is a good tutorial

A normal/non-CAM doll probably wouldn’t be able to accommodate the siren tail, without some kind of big mod like this. However, I do not know this for certain, as I couldn’t find much information on it.

2:25 pm


Anonymous: Will aleene's spray acrylic sealer work for customizing dolls

I’ve never heard of anyone using it for faceups, and I couldn’t find any information referencing it.

You could always try it out on a tester-doll of some kind, and see if it holds up. :D

If anyone has ever tried this product on dolls, please add to this post!

2:21 pm


Anonymous: Help! I have a fianna fins doll and her face is just...bleh. I want to customize her but their is a big problem, her eyes. The way the are positioned just looks beyond wonky. How do i fix this.

There is a good tutorial here for removing and replacing Bratz doll eyes:


If you want to keep the eyes Fianna Fina came with, I’m not sure how you could really re-position them since they are “locked” in with the eye pegs.

If anyone has more information on this, please add to this post!

Information from the notes:

twillwrites said: If anon wants to replace the eyes, I believe that 10 or 12 mm eyes meant for ball-joint dolls and the like fit into the sockets, as long as they’re oval and flat-backed.

2:14 pm


Anonymous: Hi! I don't know if you've been made aware of this yet, but I thought I'd let you know that it looks like Cleo and Briar Beauty have a VERY similar, if not the same skin tone. Which, by what I've seen online, means that Cleo and Cerise Hood likely share skin tones as well.

Thank you for the information!
I believe that Howleen is also in that same skin tone. :D

So the matching skin tones by doll are:

  • Cleo
  • Briar
  • Cerise
  • Howleen

If anyone can get a photo of these dolls together, that would be incredibly helpful!

2:12 pm


Anonymous: help please! I squeezed the head of a custom trying to put her wig on and I cracked the faceup! It was sealed with MSC. the cracks are mostly on the nose bridge and forehead, not areas I painted - how can I get rid of them? should I risk using acetone so close to her eyes?

That’s ok this happens often, and can also happen if you paint and seal the face before putting it back on the body.

Once you have the head back on the body, cover any other areas you don’t want sealed, and seal the face with MSC again. It should fill in the cracks for you, but may require a couple of layers.

You’ll have to re-apply any gloss you had on there though, since the MSC will ‘matte’ it.

2:08 pm


Anonymous: Why are doll with custom faceups more delicate than dolls with factory paint. Don't they both use the same type if paint?

I believe the factory paint is more like a decal, that’s printed onto the doll face. (I could be wrong about that though)

For custom dolls, the layers applied with sealant, pastels, and paint are much more delicate. Oils from your hands, dust, dirt, etc, are all things that can damage a custom face, so you should try to avoid touching it.

Hope that helps!

1:23 pm


fabglassshoes: Hello , is it alright to request refs? like eyebrow refs? some eyebrow refs would be wonderful...if it's okay ^^


Yes! I got a basic reference here, but the other one I remember that was REALLY good I couldn’t find so I made my own, it’s not as good as the one I remember is, but it’ll do. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ 

Eyebrows tend to be thicker closer towards the bridge of the nose and taper out starting at the arch that beings at around the corner of the eye. Of course shapes can vary and some arches aren’t quite as noticeable, but this is the basic anatomy of an eyebrow.

It’s something people tend to forget, that eyebrows have anatomy just like any other part of the human body!

Click here for hi-res!

Also for placement, eyebrows follow the gradual outward curve from your nose up to your brow line. Slap your dang hands on your own face and feel around to to see how this is done.

The idea being it, loosely speaking, goes in a gradual circle and forms your eye plug holes, which your eyebrows trace. To illustrate this I made this gif of a skull wiggling its eyebrows despite the fact they’d have no muscular tissue to actually accomplish this.

This can be difficult when giving a faceup to BJDs or any other doll for that matter because a lot of sculpts don’t have a definitive brow line, nor do they have a skull, so following the gradual curve of the nose can usually get you in the right place!

If you’re still having trouble, try looking at your own eyebrows or pictures of hot celebs b/c that’s kind of more enjoyable than your own face sometimes idk it depends on how healthy your self-esteem is for that day.

I hope this helps a little!

Great reference, thank you!

April 11, 2014 10:47 am


A tip you may be aware of already - attach a loop of ribbon to the elastic on a doll’s body to make “beheading” easier.  No need to look for a tool to help with the next decapitation once the loop is attached.

Excellent tip, thank you!

April 4, 2014 3:19 pm


Big Princess Bun tutorial!! I got a few requests to make a tutorial on Spectra’s big bun. Here it is and take pics if you try it out! Hope it helps ^_^

Very cute, thank you!

(via fyeahbjdmods)

April 3, 2014 10:34 am

protips for mods on BJD joints



Modding a doll that isn’t getting a satisfatory posing response is actually very simple. 

Basically the structure of it is

  • find the flaws in the structure and think of how to soften/correct them
  • be clear in mind if each altering will need subtracting, adding or both
  • guide yourself by finding the limiting factor and envisioning how to work on it

To find where to work, bend the part you aim to modify, for example the elbow joints;  find what is limiting the pose and what would allow it to get more life like. 

My example: single joints can bend further if you carve and stretch the cut on the ball joint so the string can slid to let the arm fit better. Sorry if my explanation is confusing ~_~


A basic diagram on what usually meddles with single joint poses. If you add the L-shaped cut, the legs will be able to turn without the thigh joint. 

But don’t take this literal. Each doll is each. Both single jointed and double jointed dolls can pose wonderfully. Yet, if they don’t, you can give them a hand. 

BEFORE going into sanding and cutting resin, specially if you haven’t carved or sanded anything, make tests. Wood, soft sculpting materials and even soap can be great for getting used with your (carving in this case) tools. Wear a mask, use the sandpaper that allows you to soak it so the resin dust doesn’t float, and work in a ventilated room

Feel free to add info, or point out something for this. Happy modding!

Also, if you’re on DoA, check the Workshop subforums to see if people have done what you want to do already. Certain dolls are notorious for having particular joints that just don’t work right, and you’ll often find someone else who has already modded it, and documented how they have done it. It was immensely helpful when I modded my Iplehouse old YID bodies, I could see just how someone had done it previously and use it as a guide.

Very useful modding information. Thank you!