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January 28, 2014 2:16 pm


Anonymous: WhAt types of pva glue are their that dry clear?

MOST PVA glues will dry clear. You can thin them down with a little bit of water, to help it dry even more clear while using in thin coats.

If your pva glue is drying white, it may be too cold to use it.

PVA glue should not be used or stored outside these temperatures:

5°C to 30°C
41°F to 86°F

2:11 pm
How to select the right glue

This is a really helpful guide about different types of glue. They mostly talk about working with paper, but there are still some good descriptions and information.

Link goes to a PDF document.

2:05 pm


Anonymous: Tutorials on how to make hand sewn doll dresses?


Here are the posts for hand sewing tips:


In the Video section, there are lots of tutorials that show you how to make doll dresses, and you can hand sew them:


Also, if you check in these tags, you can find lots of sewing and pattern information:




2:01 pm


Anonymous: Do you have a tutorial for making BJD eyes or know where I can find one?

There are a few tutorials for that in here:


If you keep going back through the pages, there are some different types of eyes you can make. :D

2:00 pm


Anonymous: I know this has probably been asked before, but how do get glue out of doll hair

That’s ok!
Here is the tag for those posts:


1:59 pm


Anonymous: I have a MH doll with a damaged thigh (it seems the seam was never properly sealed?) and I'm wondering how to glue it back together. My plan is to get the thigh glued solidly, then drill a bit so i can insert a CAM leg. So I'd need a glue sturdy enough to withstand drilling after it's set!

There is a tutorial here for doing this:


As for the glue, I’d think something that dries really solid would be best.

There is also this glue-guide that may help:


I’d think super glue, or epoxy would REALLY hold that leg together during drilling.

1:42 pm


starkgaryened: Hi, so I'm thinking about buying a Liv doll to customize and was wondering if there were any special considerations I should take. I've customized monster high dolls before without a problem but still want to make sure I don't make any horrible mistakes. For instance: will using acetone to remove the factory faceup ruin the doll?



Hi there feministgroundhog~

I’ve read that Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner, and a Mr Clean Magic Eraser is the best thing to use. Some people reported that acetone and nail polish remover doesn’t work at all on the LIV dolls, while others said it worked great. :/
You could try the acetone, but definitely wash her really well with some dish soap afterwards. Try to do a test spot first just in case.Other than that, it should be the same as customizing a monster high doll!

Remove Liv’s eyes before you remove the makeup.  I’m not sure if she has glass or acrylic eyes, but I would assume they are acrylic.  Exposing the acrylic to acetone will make them cloudy, so remove them first just to be safe.

They are acrylic, and thank you so much for reminding me about this!

1:36 pm


Anonymous: Ah, wefted hair anon again: stitching the wefts to the scalp really doesn't hurt? That's how you use wefts on a Blythe doll after all! There are some good tutorials out there I've used, but I'd suggest the one from Coolcat, which also sells various wefts!

Oh neat! Thank you for the extra information!

Then yes you may be able to try that for a MH doll. :D
I’d say give it a go, and if it doesn’t look like how you want it to , then you could always remove it and try another method.

12:26 pm


robo-rumpus-party: I've been having a really hard time removing the factory paint on my Robeca doll. I've been using nail polish remover, but it's not doing such a good job. I have other solvents in my house, but I don't know if they are safe. Do you know if Goof-Off, mineral spirit based paint thinner, or varnish remover gel are safe to use?

Hello robo-rumpus-party~

I think Goof-Off may work for the face, but don’t get it on the body as it can damage that type of plastic.

reference for goof off: http://dolltutorials.tumblr.com/post/32392352250/hey-what-would-you-suggest-using-to-take-off-body

I think that the mineral spirit based paint thinner is for removing paints with oils in them, so I’m not really sure how that would affect the doll’s face.

The varnish remover gel may work, but I’d suggest testing any of these materials on the back of the head just in case.

If they do seem to remove the paint well, give the head a good wash afterwards to remove any residue left behind.

Hope that helps!

12:13 pm

"Hey there! I had asked about the Amazing Mold casting. I put up a tutorial for what I did on my art side blog:


I’m not the best, but your advice worked! Thank you :D
Thank you very much for the tutorial!!
Glad the information was helpful! ♥