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September 12, 2014 11:00 am

Different types of mag-on feet on the M-line boy body


newpotatomash, some more pictures!

First, a comparison between M-line girl and M-line boy feet. The shortest ones are M-line girl ones.


The M-line boy can wear the M-line girl feet, but not the other way around. The M-line girl body’s ankle piece is slightly larger than the M-line boy body’s.


And M-line boy body with mag-on A-line girl high heels. Since this body’s ankle piece seems to be the smallest out of all the minifee ankle pieces, all the mag-on feet seems to fit on it, while the M-line boy mag-on feet likely won’t fit correctly on any other minifee body. You can force them on, but then they are very, very hard to remove again.


This is great comparison info, thank you for sharing!

September 11, 2014 10:30 am


meganavila: Hi. I recently bought a "Save Frankie" Jackson Jekyll and I want to remove his eyebrow ring. Does anyone out there have a tutorial or advice on how I can do this without damaging him?

Hi there! I haven’t worked with this in particular, but I’ve done this to a basic Jackson, and it was pretty easy.

It’s basically just a long “U” shape, and if you use some little pliers or tweezers, you can just pull it out. There might be a little glue holding it on place, but that can be cleaned off later.

10:16 am
How to make doll outfit 28 Evening Gown
BY: Yunie of Channel Pullip
Here is a new video from Yunie, showing how to make an evening gown for Pullips! :D
With a little adjusting, I’m sure this could be adapted for other dolls like small BJDs and Monster Highs.

(Source: youtu.be)

September 8, 2014 3:45 pm


Anonymous: hey there ;3 hum, i'd like to know how or better, what is necessary to give that shaved hairstyle on the dolls? if this already been asked before, my apologies to you. :3

No problem! Check out this tag for “flocking”:


There are lots of posts here about where to get it, and how to apply it.

3:43 pm


Anonymous: Hello! This is such a lovely blog, thank you! I just wanted to ask what things to avoid in a sealant for sealing MH dolls?

Thank you! ♥

There are lots of answers about that here:


Much more info than I can provide in a single post. :D

3:42 pm


Anonymous: Hello! I plan on doing a monster high repaint, and i was wondering if i could use wax pastels? The ones i have are made with beeswax. Thank you for all your help!

I do not think they would work, I’m sorry. You don’t want to use anything oil or wax based, as they might stain your doll, and gunk up your sealant layers. Look for SOFT or CHALK pastels, since those are the ideal material to use.

3:41 pm


Anonymous: Hey, quick question but for the monster high catty head mold where would you put the blush?

Wherever you want! haha XD

However, when working on this particular doll, because the plastic/vinyl is so dark, you will probably have to add some white blushing layers before you add the other color. This should help the colors stand out more.

-Seal first several times-add white blushing in layers, then seal
-then add colored blushing in layers, then seal

You might be able to blush her in just the colors without adding white first, but it will take more color to do so.

3:37 pm


starkgaryened: A while ago I did my first MH reroot and very stupidly used liquid fusion to secure it. It leaked and ruined the hair and so today I've ripped it all out with the intention of trying again. There are huge holes in the vinyl which I've fixed with liquid fusion, but I'm worried about trying to reroot again on a head that's been damaged and repaired so many times... Are there any tutorials on permanently wigging MH heads or maybe doing a reroot on damaged heads without creating more problems?

Sorry to hear about the leakage! Good to know that the liquid fusion will seep through. :<

You can indeed permanently wig a MH head. Here is a good tutorial for it, and you can use different fibers with the same tutorial. It just might take some practice.


3:32 pm


potsandpanssexual: Hello! I was wondering if you knew of any way to add tinsel to a dolls hair? Like, keep the original rooting and just, add some sparkless. Thanks!

Yes, I believe you can do this! Just do a web search for “doll hair tinsel” or something to that affect, and you will find many shops that sell it in different colors. You can root it into the head like other hair.

3:30 pm


Anonymous: Hey, hope you don't mind me asking this but is there a way or place that I can get a BJD body dyed or painted a completely different color? I'm planning on getting a Miro as my first but for what I want they don't have the color I'm after...

You might be able to find someone willing to do the paint mod for you! Otherwise, you can do it yourself with some practice and research.

Check out the Dye and Paint tags here:



There are lots of resources in there for doing this mod yourself. :D Tamiya makes really nice sprays you can use, and they come in TONS of colors.

EDIT: Thanks for this extra info!

pandorkful said: Also mirodoll will do any color you want at no extra charge, you just need to email them and possibly mail them a paint chip or headcap.