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April 11, 2014 10:47 am


A tip you may be aware of already - attach a loop of ribbon to the elastic on a doll’s body to make “beheading” easier.  No need to look for a tool to help with the next decapitation once the loop is attached.

Excellent tip, thank you!

April 4, 2014 3:19 pm


Big Princess Bun tutorial!! I got a few requests to make a tutorial on Spectra’s big bun. Here it is and take pics if you try it out! Hope it helps ^_^

Very cute, thank you!

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April 3, 2014 10:34 am

protips for mods on BJD joints



Modding a doll that isn’t getting a satisfatory posing response is actually very simple. 

Basically the structure of it is

  • find the flaws in the structure and think of how to soften/correct them
  • be clear in mind if each altering will need subtracting, adding or both
  • guide yourself by finding the limiting factor and envisioning how to work on it

To find where to work, bend the part you aim to modify, for example the elbow joints;  find what is limiting the pose and what would allow it to get more life like. 

My example: single joints can bend further if you carve and stretch the cut on the ball joint so the string can slid to let the arm fit better. Sorry if my explanation is confusing ~_~


A basic diagram on what usually meddles with single joint poses. If you add the L-shaped cut, the legs will be able to turn without the thigh joint. 

But don’t take this literal. Each doll is each. Both single jointed and double jointed dolls can pose wonderfully. Yet, if they don’t, you can give them a hand. 

BEFORE going into sanding and cutting resin, specially if you haven’t carved or sanded anything, make tests. Wood, soft sculpting materials and even soap can be great for getting used with your (carving in this case) tools. Wear a mask, use the sandpaper that allows you to soak it so the resin dust doesn’t float, and work in a ventilated room

Feel free to add info, or point out something for this. Happy modding!

Also, if you’re on DoA, check the Workshop subforums to see if people have done what you want to do already. Certain dolls are notorious for having particular joints that just don’t work right, and you’ll often find someone else who has already modded it, and documented how they have done it. It was immensely helpful when I modded my Iplehouse old YID bodies, I could see just how someone had done it previously and use it as a guide.

Very useful modding information. Thank you!

April 2, 2014 1:46 pm


Anonymous: I miss you, will you update any time soon? :<

Hey there! :D

Yes, I am planning to do a lot of question answering soon, as well as loading some new posts into the queue. There are 50 messages stacked up for me, so it will take a little time to get to them all. (I’ll be starting with the oldest ones first.)

So sorry that this blog has been so barren and slow. ( ~;w;)~

My day job has been really busy these last couple of months, so I haven’t had much time for anything. I haven’t been able to do any research for questions while at work, and when I get home I’m too pooped out to even look at a computer. ( Plus I had some commissions I really needed to focus on :< )

I’m still prepping things for the giveaway, and looking for things to reblog/post about. ♥

Hopefully this month will be better, and I can really get back into the swing of things here. Miss you all so much! :3

Hope you all are doing well, and still working on dolly things!


March 13, 2014 2:34 pm


HotGlue Casting Tutorial



1 high temp hot glue gun

Silicon mold. You can use a fondant silicon mold (The ones used to decorate cakes) A soap silicon mold, or resin silicon mold. The mold MUST be made of silicon for this method to work

High temp glue sticks


Step 1:

Wait for the…

I can see dolly projects happening!

I completely agree! This could be useful for so many things.

12:02 pm


Anonymous: What do you reccomend for repainting? I'm not very good with small details with paints, only with pencils. Is there a type of pencil I could use for doll repainting?

Absolutely! Watercolor Pencils are what you need.

If you browse through this tag, I know there are some posts all about them:


I’d suggest if you do use WC Pencils instead of paint, make sure to invest in a nice sharpener. The duller your pencils are, the more grainy they will seem to come out.

12:00 pm


Anonymous: Are TopCoat and Mr. Super Clear the same thing in bigger and smaller can?

Good question! They are made by the same brand.

There is some comparative information here about the 2, plus another by Tamiya:


Here is another comparison:


It seems to say that TopCoat is acrylic based, where MSC is Lacquer based.

According to this blog, both Topcoat and MSC are in the “safe to use” category for dolls:


Also, people have said here and there that TopCoat doesn’t have the same “tooth” as MSC, but it does provide a more durable finish.

11:55 am


scarletcloack: Hello! I don't know if this has been asked (or done) before, but I want to know if its possible to put a Howleen's head on a Cleo's body to make her look more grown up (and have shoes/clothes fit her better) so I can make a re-paint of a character of mine...

Hi Scarletcloack~

Can’t remember if this has been asked yet…

You can indeed put Howleen’s head on Cleo’s body. The match is pretty good, but you may have to do a little blushing on the face to match.

11:52 am


moevelvet: Hi, I was looking though your blog and noticed that EAH dolls have larger bodies than MH dolls. Do you know if clothes for EAH would fit Blythe-sized dolls, or more specifically, an Obitsu 23cm?

Hello Moevelvet~

I’ve read that the Obitsu 23cm bodies can fit MH clothes, so I would think they could fit into EAH clothes. The clothing may be a tad big around some parts of the body, but I’d think not too bad.

There is more info here on what clothing fits that size Obitsu:


11:46 am


Anonymous: For tha Anon looking for a rainbow wig. I actually bought one about 2 months ago from Happy Camille. It's of great quality and I would totally recommend it to everybody looking for such a specific wig.

Thank you!
Happy Camille does have some nice wigs. They are so soft too!